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Category: Photo Discussion

Photo Discussion are posts telling the story of the photo. Why I did what I did and general thoughts regarding the image including my feelings and intent.

structural abstraction

Structural Abstraction

Structural Abstraction is an image that took a long time and unusual path to produce. While out taking another planned image in October, 2019, this composition caught my eye. I took several shots but none quite worked out like I hoped. Nonetheless, this composition stuck with me. I remained determined to try it again. “Again” turned out to be March,…

bird photography summer tanager

Bird Photography

Bird photography is one of the more popular types of photography. A lot of my photographer friends just love it. Me, not so much. Don’t interpret that to mean I think there is anything wrong with bird photography. That’s because that is not my intention at all. There are lots of different kinds of photography, birds just don’t excite me.…

the one that got away san saba morning

The One That Got Away

Certain images, the one that got away, stick in our memory forever. I’m talking about those perfect once-in-a-lifetime photo ops that we just missed or irretrievably screwed up. They’re a lost opportunity that haunts us as we wonder, “If only …”. The more we think about these images, the more significant they become. We would have won awards with them.…

pedernales falls state park

Pedernales Falls State Park

As part of recent road trip, I visited Pedernales Falls State Park in the Texas Hill Country. It’s a beautiful area although it is not the stereotypical waterfall you might be expecting. Rather than a pronounced vertical drop, the Pedernales Falls flows over sloping, huge slabs of limestone through pools and channels. Unfortunately, when we were there, it was more…