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welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog! In this blog I hope to talk about some of my photos. Why I did what I did and my thought process while taking and processing the image. Along the way I’ll discuss photography techniques and processes, do some gear reviews, make some recommendations on a variety of topics and talk about whatever else captures my…

pedernales falls state park

Pedernales Falls State Park

As part of recent road trip, I visited Pedernales Falls State Park in the Texas Hill Country. It’s a beautiful area although it is not the stereotypical waterfall you might be expecting. Rather than a pronounced vertical drop, the Pedernales Falls flows over sloping, huge slabs of limestone through pools and channels. Unfortunately, when we were there, it was more…

iso strategy

How ISO Affects Noise In YOUR Camera

Most photographers don’t fully understand how ISO affects noise in their camera. That’s because most of us have been taught that we don’t really need to think that much about it. Specifically, we’ve all been taught that noise increases as you increase sensor sensitivity (or ISO) setting. The chart to the right, illustrates this perception. As a result, the “rule”…