Day And Night

The two worlds of day and night can be both opportunities and challenges for a photographer. It often requires different techniques both in taking the shot and processing. Additionally, the transition period between day and night can add a third scenario to consider. Some scenes we are very familiar with all times of the day. For other scenes, seeing them at a different time of day can be a bit of a shock. And then there are scenes which we’ve never seen before.

Recently I shot the Lyric Garage, a parking garage in downtown Houston. It’s a prime example of how architecture can transform a utilitarian structure into a work of art. It takes the drab and ordinary and makes it into something that provides joy and wonder. While beautiful in both day and night it is amazing what a different experience it can be from one period to the other. A parking garage doesn’t have to be limited to being just a place to park cars!

The Lyric Garage In Daylight

During the day the Lyric stands out. Its white façade naturally catches our eye as it contrasts with the surround elements. The white exterior isn’t the only unexpected feature for a parking garage. The Texas Architect magazine describes it as “The façade consists of structured, framed perforated rectangular prisms that relate to the overall proportion of the garage. The result is a collection of masses that seem organized as three major horizontal groupings that break down in relief.

day and night lyric garage in daylight
The Lyric Garage In Daylight

The Lyric Garage At Night

When the night comes the Lyric Garage doesn’t just disappear into the shadows. Rather, the night is the Lyric’s time to shine! A computer-controlled LED lighting system creates wonderful moving color patterns to thrill us.

day and night lyric garage at night
The Lyric Garage At Night

The Other Photos

The composition for the two photos about is pretty much the run-of-the-mill standard architectural composition. However, with the changing colors, the lines and shapes of the façade beg for closer inspection. Rest assured, I did take a number of detailed, abstract shots. After all, how could I resist. But, you’ll have to wait for a future post for those.

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